Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Spells

Skirt and Top: Agnes - ImmateriA (Instruments, October)
Hair: Sorcery - Magika  (Hair Group Gift)

Jumpsuit: Mildread - ImmateriA (Alchemy Event, October)

Costume and Mask: Chindhi - ImmateriA (Totally Top Shelf, October)
Hair: Darkness Falls - Magika

Gown: Into the Woods - ImmateriA (Fair Play, October)

Latex Masked Shirt: Bat People - ImmateriA (Bat World Charity, October) for slGoth

Friday, July 24, 2015

Join the Crusades

Outfit: Vampire Crusades - ImmateriA (Fair Play Exclusive, July)
Hair: Valeria - LaLa Moon (Hair Fair Gift)

Outfit includes dress, shoulder armor and horned hood.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Space Hopping

Latex Catsuit: Sthenno - ImmateriA (Alchemy Event, July)
Hair: Shiho - [ -7R-]  (Hair Fair Gift)
Head Jewel: Gift - Blueberry (Hair Fair)
Skin: Vampire - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute, July)

 Hopper: Close Encounters - La Maison de Corbeaux (Horror Haute, July)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beach Bum Vamp

 Beach Outfit: Vampire at the Beach - Livid (Horror Haute Exclusive, July) includes swimsuit, sandals for slink high feet, sunglasses, hat, fang necklace, bag, beach chair, beach umbrella, beach table.

Coffin: Dhampir Slumber - La Maison deCorbeaux ::LMdC:: (Horror Haute, July)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Rouge Cupid

 Rideable Combat Motorcyle: Rogue Cupid - Hogs and Cartwheels (Horror Haute, July)

Cycle is scripted and set for combat!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Best of Horror Haute Part I

Dress: My Love Is Like A Red Red Homicide Dress - {MOEKO}  (Horror Haute)
Hair: Wasted - little bones (Group Gift)
Skin: Yurei - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)

Outfit: Bone Collector - The Untitled  (Horror Haute)
Hair: Wasted - little bones (Group Gift) Skin: Yurei - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)

Dress: Dark Seductress - Aftermath Creations  (Horror Haute)
Hair: Mouse - little bones (Group Gift) Skin: Vampire - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)

Corset: Crusher - {LUNAtic}  (Horror Haute)

Pants: Carnivale - Redrum 
Hair: Rude - little bones (Group Gift) Skin: Vampire - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)
Mask and Makeup: Mask of the Dead - Songbird (Horror Haute)

Dress & Cyborg Leg: Horizon - ImmateriA  (Horror Haute)
Hair: Dead Space - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)  
Skin: Dead Space - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Voodoo Charm

Shirt: Damballa - Aftermath Creations
Hair: Wasted - little bones
Pants: Shiny - Tableau Vivant
Skin: Ellie - Glam Affair

Outfit: Damballah - Facepalm. Includes top, skirt, necklace and earrings.
Hair: Gigi - Ploom

Dress: Hogun - Eccentricites
Boots: Hogun - Eccentricites
Hair: Trina - Ploom

Friday, May 29, 2015

Horror Haute Voodoo

Outfit: Marie Lavaeu - Ghost Story. Includes dress, head-dress, and scarf. (Horror Haute, May)
Staff: Voodoo - Lilith's Den (Horror Haute, May)
Skin: Ellie - Glam Affair

Dress: Thirst - Blue Blood (Horror Haute, May)
Hair: Crimson - little bones

Skin, Hair, Eyes, Pins: Voodoo Doll - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute, May)

Dress: Voodoo Doll - Brick-a-Brack (Horror Haute, May)

Motorcycle: Voodoo - Hogs & Cartwheels (Horror Haute, May)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Voodoo Magik

Hair: Mystic - Ploom
Dress: Stitched - {LUNAtic} includes pinned armbands.
Skin: Ellie skin - Glam Affair
Shoes: Voodoo - Aftershok

Hair: Raindance - Soonsiki
Dress: Serpentine - ImmateriA
Makeup: iVoudou - Tasty Pudding
Nail Polish: Pinned - Dark Passions
Necklace: Boukman - Salem

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Every Picture Has a Story

Horns: Rancor - The Stringer Mausoleum (May Witching Hour)  
Hair: Immortal - little bones
Fur: Pannie Faun - Imp
Skin: Ellie skin - Glam Affair

Skirt: Crucible - ImmateriA (World Goth Fair)  
Hair: Immortal - little bones
Skin: Ellie skin - Glam Affair

Necklace: Wire Bat - Chop Shop (May Witching Hour)

Outfit: Adsullata - ImmateriA (May CYOT) **includes gown and headdress**

 Outfit: Iuhsthly  - ImmateriA (May Alchemy Event) **includes jumper, bracers, eyepatch**

 Outfit: Agatha Sprockette - ImmateriA (May Instruments) **includes top, jumper, and headband**

Top: Madhu - ImmateriA (Join Hands Event)
Hair: Crimson - little bones (Group Gift)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Batty Bats

Dress: Familiar Bats - ImmateriA (May Witching Hour)  
Hair: Licia - Calico
Skin: Ellie skin - Glam Affair
Mask: Doom - Tasty Pudding (May Witching Hour)
Necklace: Familiar Bats - ImmateriA (May Witching Hour)

Dress: Succubus - ImmateriA (May Witching Hour)  
Shoes: Viper - Aftermath Creations (May Witching Hour)
Necklace: Succubs - ImmateriA (May Witching Hour)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spellbound with {LUNAtic}

Tank: American Horror Story - {LUNAtic} (May Witching Hour) 
Hair: Wasted - Little Bones
Eyes: Slither - Salem (May Witching Hour)
Skin: Ellie skin - Glam Affair

The following tanks are all from this month Witching Hour.