Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ho Ho Horror Haute

Dress: Bosch - Tasty Pudding
Decor: The Creeper - Arcana Antiques & Oddities
Jewelry: Reckoner - CoLLisions

Sweater: OoZoo w/HUD - .::Aftershok::.

Shoes: Muertos Heels/with HUD - The Little Bat

 Outfit: Deer, Krampus - ImmateriA (includes jacket, mask, twigs, legs)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Fun

Pants: Drop Crotch {Ice Queen} - +REDRUM+ (Gatcha Fair)
Skates:Black Gatcha - +REDRUM+  (Gatcha Fair)

Death Row Island will be hosting a Merry Crisis Gatcha Fair! Starting December 18th, we'll be bringing you the Frostiest, Fluffiest, Spiciest and HoHoHoiest Gatcha's you've ever seen!  Event runs until January 3rd.

Shirt and Vest: Ebenezer Scrooge - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Candlelight)

Jacket: Dorian Gray - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Candlelight)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Horror Hate & More from the Gatcha

Dress: "Dunwich Pet" - ImmateriA   HORROR HAUTE
Necklace: "HP Lovecraft" - ::CC Kre-ations::    HORROR HAUTE
Ring: "Boney Cameo Black Death" - DemotiK   ZERO GATCHA

Outfit: Dianthus and Salvia:// Bark - [Plastik] GROUP GIFT
Earrings: Stasis Earring [L]://Shining Sun [Plastik] GROUP GIFT
Plushie: Chibi - Schadenfreude  ZERO GATCHA
Mouthie: Cat-Tongue [Nyah]-Cerberus - [Plastik]  GROUP GIFT
Eyeliner: Eyeliner 2 - Pin Me Down  ZERO GATCHA

Wings: Chibi Dryad - ~*Souzou Eien*~  ZERO GATCHA
Horns: Centicore (with twinkling script) - ImmateriA   ZERO GATCHA

 Alien Pet: Squidgey - Laudanum Lollipops  ZERO GATCHA

Plushie: Corgi - Silent Sparrow    ZERO GATCHA
Radio: Vintage Radio - ::Salem's Lot::   ZERA GATCHA

Gatcha at Zero

In case you haven't heard, Club Zero is having a Gatcha Event. From clothing wear to jewelry. Horns and wings to killer skins and things (nice rhyme)!
Jacket: "Roxi" - The Little Bat
Helmet: "Mesh Helmet" - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Necklace: "Trinket" - ImmateriA
Bag: "Roar" - PunkD
Pants: "Carnival Stripes" - +REDRUM+
Ring: "Gnash" - =FORSAKEN=

Corset: "Helnith Corset" - SUGAR
Pants: "Lace Noir" - SUGAR
Necklace: "Bat Necklace" - Chaos, Panic, & Disorder

Bracelent: "Wired Web Cuff" - *{yumyums}*

Monday, October 21, 2013

Horror Haute Burton-October!

 Outfit: "The Wierdness" includes mesh dress, skin, holdable kitten plushie, and eyes. {PunkD - October Horror Haute}

  Outfit: "Strange and Unusual" includes mesh sweater,top and pant layer. Necklace: "Strange and Unusual" part of the Gachas. {The Little Bat - October Horror Haute}

  Outfit: "Photographing Ghosts" includes mesh dress, wearable camera and hat with veil. {ImmateriA - October Horror Haute}

  Boots: "Beetle Boots" mesh item. {The Little Bat - October Horror Haute}

  Outfit: "Burton Halloween" includes mesh corset and dress and stockings. Hat and candy tongue are both gacha items. {Love&Blood- October Horror Haute}. "Nightmare Before Christmas" candy urn gives out candy. {Lilith's Den - October Horror Haute}.

  Top: "Ed Wood's Angora Sweater" includes mesh top and appliers. {Tasty Pudding - October Horror Haute}

  Outfit: "Beejuicy Green" includes mesh corset and studded pants. {Gloomy Thought - October Horror Haute}

  Dress: "Morning Love" includes mesh dress. {::Czarny Kanarek:: - October Horror Haute}

  Outfit: "Burton Warmers" mesh armwarmers and leggings are sold separately. {.::AFtershok:: - October Horror Haute} Tattoo {Little Pricks - October Horror Haute}

  Dress: "Jack's Nightmare" mesh dress. {Skindustrial - October Horror Haute}. Purse {W&R - October Horror Haute}.

Piercing Set: "Juno" includes bindi, nose piercings and ear gauges. {CoLLisions - October Horror Haute}

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From Haunted Places to Space

 Outfit: "Hooked" includes fedora hat, tank, leggings, ankle boots. (Horror Haute - Gloomy Thought)

Outfit: "Miss Jackson" includes dress with/without blood stains and flat ballet shoes. (Horror Haute - Lamp*Light)
Outfit: "Event Horizon" includes dress and mask with breather script. (Horror Haute - ImmateriA)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Jeans: Flea - ImmateriA (Twisted Hunt Male Gift)
Hat & Spiked Tie: Flea - ImmateriA (Twisted Hunt Male Gift)
Outfit also includes tank top, spiked animated hammer and four mesh clown masks not shown.

Outfit: The Maiden - ImmateriA (Twisted Hunt Female Gift)
Includes the top, bottom, arm warmers, leg warmers, spiked collar, belly piercing, and spiked rings. Also a spiked torture device not shown.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Monsters

Dress:  Mistic  Red Eyes Night Dress - Gloomy Thought {August Horror Haute}
Hair: Willow (Silent Movie) - Clawtooth

Dress: Comic Monster Mesh Slinky - Love&Blood {August Horror Haute}
Hair: Electricity - Magika

Top: Pentagram Mesh Crop Top - Cain {August Horror Haute}
Skirt: Beast Mesh - Plastik
Hair: Aries - Ploom

Top: Love Me Mesh -  ::Czarny Kanarek:: {August Horror Haute}
Jeans: Skinny Pants - Wrong

Dress: Poe Mesh Dress - AZ {August Horror Haute}
Boots: Poe Quipp - AZ {August Horror Haute}
Hair: Brigitte - Wasabi Pills

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creep Factor

Dress: Bloody Pink - Tasty Pudding {Horror Haute}
Tattoo: Bloody Mess - Tasty Pudding {Horror Haute}
Eyes: Bloody Blind Eyes - Inspired Designs {Horror Haute}
Hair: gG 09'13 - (red)Mint {Group Gift}

Dress: Creepy Cameo - Skindustrial Bodywerks {Horror Haute}
Choker:  Dias De Los Muertos Set of Jewels - Livid
Hair: Gloom - (red)Mint

Open Cleavage Gown: Call of Cthulhu (includes tentacles and tattoo) - ImmateriA  {Horror Haute}
Hair:  Helalyn - Alice Project

Mask: Lir - ImmateriA {Horror Haute}

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shadow Play

Mask: ::SP:: Thief Mask Outfit Black {25L Tuesday}
Pants: ::SP:: Thief Pant Outfit Black {25L Tuesday}

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What to Wear

Dress: [Plastik] Achillea {Fifty Linden Friday. Part of the Funera Collection}.
Collar: [Plastik] Devastation {FLF}.

Top & Skirt: Alterego's I Chained Slave
Skin: [BLUSH] Sienna Skin Pale {Group Gift}

Dress: Violent Seduction's Roseraie {Genre}
Hair: [red]Mint's gG 08'13 {Group Gift}
Skin: [Plastik] Rapture Skin {Special Sale 149L WGF}

Dress: Impish's Maid Cafe Dress {Genre}
Hair: Rosy Mood's Fuga {Hair Fair Gift}
Boots: Impish's 16 Hole Boots {Genre}

Hair: eep's Hair 12 with bows {Hair Fair Gift}
Dress: BlueBlood's Chesh Dress {Genre}

Dress: *{Junbug}* Miss Victoria {30L Saturday}
Hair: COLOR's Free {Hair Fair Gift}

Corset: {L&B} Skull Zebra Mesh Corset
Hair: Vanity Hair's Morea {Hair Fair Gift}

Swimsuit & Sarong: VERO MODERO's Ayse Mayokini

Necklace: Kunglers's Beaded Necklace {iNOVARE Magazine Gift}
Dress: .:: X-TREME Vogue ::. Black Tube {iNOVARE Magazine Gift}