Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Fete II

Outfit: Jellybean in purple by [Returned Karma] (includes boots and warpaint) - 30L Saturday
Backpack: My Bouncer Scarecrow by [Returned Karma] - 30L Saturday

Dress: Shae in Purple by Luas (includes mesh dress, necklace, sandals and tiara) - 30L Saturday

Dress: Noble in black by [Silk & Steel] (includes mesh dress, cape and gloves) - Fall Fete 25L

Silks: Selysie in blue by Luas (includes jewlery and collar) - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Tea Scone by [Returned Karma] includes boots and warpaint - Fall Fete 25L

Outfit: Summer's Last Stand in Orange by [Returned Karma] - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Fluffy in Black by [Silk & Steel] - Fall Fete 25L
Hair: Abberation by Tekeli-li - Free Gift at Store
Tattoo: Ysandir's Dilemma Tattoo by [Imperio Designs]

Outfit: Serang Chalwar Corail by ~Sa-eela~ - Fall Fete 25L
Hair: Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li - Limited Colors Edition Halloween 2012 Gift

Dress: Carissa in Plum by DreamThings (includes cape) - Fall Fete 25L

Outfit: Mesh Split Fur in Lavender by On A Lark - Fall Fete 25L
Jewelry: Mesh Alluvium by Tekeli-li - Full Jewelry Set Part of 50% Off Sale at Tekeli-li

Dress: Mesh Dress Halted in Green by Gor Gurls - Fall Fete 25L


Skin: Demon by Distroted Dreams/[Eat Paste] - Horror Haute
Necklace: Rhachis Necklace by .:CoLL:. - Horror Haute
Eyes: Bane by Repulse - Horror Haute
Corset: Spineshank in Noir by :{MV}: - Horror Haute

Collar: Webcollar by ...::: Scrub :::... - Horror Haute

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Fete Event I

Dress: Then in Red by Gorean Rose [Mesh] - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Anys in Purple by Gorean Rose (Mesh; comes in solid and sheer) - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Sheperds in Purple (partial Mesh includes sheperds backpack)  by Sweet Pea - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Prissy in Green by Sweet Pea (Mesh) - Group Gift

Outfit: Kari in Purple (mesh harem pants, sweater, shirt and shoes) by Sweet Pea - Fall Fete 25L

Avi Costume: Mesh Ghost by Roawenwood - Fall Fete 25L


Dress:  Trick 'n Treat Ruffle Duo by ^v^DRBC^v^  - Horror Haute
Rings: This is Halloween by ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ - Horror Haute
Lipstick: Dark Kiss by Pin Me Down - Horror Haute

Vest: Denim Vest Ladies Halloween by +REDRUM+ - Horror Haute (also a vest for Men)
Skin: Wick by Distorted Dreams/[Eat Paste] - Horror Haute
Boots: Murda Face Boots by Cute Poison -Horror Haute

Eyes: Open your eyes rad doll eyes by .::Kre-ation - Horror Haute

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday Hallows

Dress: Color.Me.Mesh [SkaterDress in Yellow] by House of Fox - Fifty Linden Fridays
Tattoo:  koi by erratic - Fifty Linden Fridays
Skin: Lily V2 Medium Cynful by Belleza - Group Gift

Skin: Betty Zombie by Belleza - Fifty Linden Fridays

Plush: Corbie Mesh Plush Crow in Coal by ~silentsparrow~ - Fifty Linden Fridays
Dress: Fluffy in black by [Silk&Steel] - 25L Tuesdays

Dias De Los Muertos

Horror Haute emerges my two favorite celebrations: Halloween and Dias De Los Muertos. The result is deathly delicious.


Jewelry: Dias De Los Muertos Set by Livid (includes choker, necklace and eyepatch) - Horror Haute
Skin: Silver by Mystic Canvas - Horror Haute
Corset: Brimstone (Mesh) by Mystic Canvas - Horror Haute
Hair: Halloween Group Gift by Magika

Skin: Dia De Muertos by Goth1c0 - Horror Haute

Make-up: Day of the Dead by Zombie Suicide - Horror Haute
Outfit: Deathgrip by Footpaw Industries - 30L Saturday

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Sales

 ::DirtyMind:: - Striped Shear Maxi MESH Dress (FI*Fridays!) 55L

*OAL* - Oishii in Coal MESH Outfit (25L Tuesday)

::SP:: - Verge Gown Rust MESH (30L Saturday)

 {SYL} - Fall Red Traingle MESH Dress (FI*Fridays!) 55L

Una - Darkness Outfit (Group Gift)
HPMD* - Dot Leaf Stockings (Group Gift)
 /Wasabi Pills/ - Brigitte Mesh Hair in Licorice (Fifty Linden Friday)

/Wasabi Pills/  - Veronica Mesh Hair in Licorice (Fifty Linden Friday)
Wonder1and - Teeny Mini MESH Leopard Dress (FI*Fridays!) 55L

HPMD* - Halloween ToyTunic in green (Group Gift)
/Wasabi Pills/ - Alice Mesh Hair in Licorice (Fifty Linden Friday)

/Wasabi Pills/ - Teeloh Mesh Hair in Licorice (Fifty Linden Friday)
Una - Arween Red Dress with Wreath and Necklace (30L Saturday)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


EiDOLAN dropped some gorgeous skins into my box; it is safe to say that I am hooked. The skin I am wearing above is a new release called Mila. The creator, Megan Release also includes a layer for that little something extra for the "girls". A cleavage layer, imagine that?

Pictured above is a subscribo gift from Una's, the patched-work mesh harem pants are free. Also a free item is the bangles and ring from Chop Zuey called Harvest. Hair from Alice Project, Helalyn.

Nikita is another newer release from EiDOLAN, the skin also comes with a cleavage layer, eyeshadow to choose from and lipstick. I feel pretty, oh so pretty! Hair is also from Alice Project, Infinity.