Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hot Summer Horror

August Horror Haute features...
Skin:[MC] Mystic Canvas Dreadna skin
Altar Prop: NeverMore Badriyah Altar

Arm Band: InSpired Designs I've Got Your Back with blood layer

Tattoo: Hysteria On my arms (three different cross tattoos and multiple layers)

Tattoo & Body Piercing Set: .:CoLL:. Machiavellian (includes chest and stomach tattoo with piercing)

Bloody Piercing: PMD Pierce me (includes spike for stomach and bloody tattoo)

Skin and Shape: Kre-ation's Dark Side of the Moon Bloody Skin&Shape

Mesh Dress: .::DD::. Peplum Dress

Mesh Dress: ~*S.E.*~ Kureji Loli Mesh

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bring 30 Lindens Saturday!

On A Lark this past Saturday was part of a weekend long 30L Saturday Special, above is Dancer that included a skirt, harem pants and silks to change up the look.

OAL Hung short mesh dress in Snow, part of the weekend special.


Fifty Fridays find last week was from Epic with these Grape Latex Mesh Boots. Sexy boots deserved sexy dance moves.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bargain Shopping Spree!

Outfit: Och Aye 2 in red - Gor Girls (includes dress and matching boots)
25 Linden Tuesday (past)

Outfit: Lady of the Garden in purple - Luas
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Romantic Winter - May's Soul (includes Mesh dress and poncho, mittens, hat, scarf and shirt)
Gorean Room


Outfit: Dancer II in Sienna - On A Lark (includes Mesh harem pants, shirt, veil, collar, bracelets and armbands)
Gorean Room
Hair: Thrive (Mesh) - [e]

Outfit: Envy Silks in blue - Luas
Luas Group Gift

Jewelry: Sophia Belly Ring in amethyst - Earthstones

Outfit: Aretha in Teal - Luas (Mesh Camisk and skirt with jewelry)
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Lady Lina in Brown - Luas (includes top, skirt, belt, shoulder wrap)
Group Gift
Skin: Violet - MOJO
Group Gift
Hair: Found mesh - [e]

Outfit: Luana in red - Luas (includes skirt, nipple piercings, necklace, bracelets, and belt)
Group Gift

Pants: Mesh Shiny Pants in black - Tableau Vivant
Hair: Bridgette mesh hair in chocolate mint - Wasabi Pills
Fifty Linden Fridays 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playing Dress-Up

Outfit: Jenna in Teal - !IMP (MESH includes shirt, skirt and shoes with socks)
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Miss Jones in Blue - !IMP (includes MESH skirt, belt, corset, shrug and eyeglasses)
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Tea Time Princess in grey - !IMP (includes dress and teacup princess hat)
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Fugitive - May's Soul (includes camisk top, skirt, floral belt, chain collar and bracelets)
Lucky Board Item 

Outfit: Use this Girl - May's Soul (tattoo, collar, corset, armbands and beaded belt)
Lucky Board Item

Outfit: Nymeria in Red - Luas (includes top, skirt, belt, necklace, sandals, bracelets and headband)
25L Tuesday

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gor Goes Lovely

 Outfit: Tribal Kaftan with Moccassins - mesh by Gor Gurls
25L Tuesday

Outfit: Footpaw Industries
25 Linden Tuesday