Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jingle Bells...Oh Hell its Horror Haute

 Collisions: As Winter Comes Top Hat (Horror Haute)

.::Kre-ation::  Jesters Are Coming Mesh Outfit (Horror Haute)
 ~*Souzou Eien*~ : Nightmare Before Christmas Rigged Corset with HUD to change pattern
 (Horror Haute)
Livid: Bat Hat (Horror Haute)
+REDRUM+:  Letter Sweater with HUD to change letter or color (New Release)

+REDRUM+: XMess Dress Sparkles (New Release)

Dreaming of a Black Christmas...

  ~.:.Hysteria.:.~: Deathly Xmas Mesh Shirt & Mesh Gloves (Horror Haute)
The Little Bat: Noir Corset-Rigged Mesh (Horror Haute)

The Little Bat: Noir Corset-Rigged Mesh (Horror Haute)

Corvus: Dead Things Mesh Outfit (Horror Haute)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Fair Hunt Gifts: Round 2

 Una: Skirt - Winter Fair
 Junbug: Bunny Camisk - Winter Fair

 Luas: Envy Silks - Winter Fair
Zibber's Designs: Useless Cloak - Winter Fair
Torvis: Leila Red Camisk
Ploom: Lisa Mesh Hair

Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Fair at Thentis

Wild Ones: Xmas Bandit - Winter Fair
(skirt, top and antlers)
 Ploom: Dawn Mesh Hair

Floor Candy: Harem - Winter Fair
Libertine: Festive Pendant - Winter Fair
Ploom: Gigi Mesh Hair

Riverdog Trading Co: Sexy Elf - Winter Fair

Sweet Kajira: Bordados Celeste Camisk - Winter Fair
Ploom: Trina Mesh Hair
 Velvet Whip: Orange Silks - Winter Fair
30L Events presents the second Midwinter Fair from 20 to 23rd December.
It's a great chance to treat yourself or someone else as there is a Christmas tree with many packages underneath filled with transferable gifts ranging from  5-10L each.
Also there is a mini-hunt going on, just look for the christmas ball ornament. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


 Livid: Vanitas Set of Jewels
 Corvus : Sleepless Dress
 !TLB: Sophia Dress (Inner Goth)

Kre-ation:: J.o.R.H. hat - pure white (Jack of Ripped Heart)
~.:.Hysteria.:.~ (MESH) 100% bones Shirt
 ^v^DRBC^v^:  Killer Cook Apron
If you love the items, join Horror Haute! Every month for a week the group releases new sale items along with a horror theme.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Fete II

Outfit: Jellybean in purple by [Returned Karma] (includes boots and warpaint) - 30L Saturday
Backpack: My Bouncer Scarecrow by [Returned Karma] - 30L Saturday

Dress: Shae in Purple by Luas (includes mesh dress, necklace, sandals and tiara) - 30L Saturday

Dress: Noble in black by [Silk & Steel] (includes mesh dress, cape and gloves) - Fall Fete 25L

Silks: Selysie in blue by Luas (includes jewlery and collar) - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Tea Scone by [Returned Karma] includes boots and warpaint - Fall Fete 25L

Outfit: Summer's Last Stand in Orange by [Returned Karma] - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Fluffy in Black by [Silk & Steel] - Fall Fete 25L
Hair: Abberation by Tekeli-li - Free Gift at Store
Tattoo: Ysandir's Dilemma Tattoo by [Imperio Designs]

Outfit: Serang Chalwar Corail by ~Sa-eela~ - Fall Fete 25L
Hair: Ashtoreth by Tekeli-li - Limited Colors Edition Halloween 2012 Gift

Dress: Carissa in Plum by DreamThings (includes cape) - Fall Fete 25L

Outfit: Mesh Split Fur in Lavender by On A Lark - Fall Fete 25L
Jewelry: Mesh Alluvium by Tekeli-li - Full Jewelry Set Part of 50% Off Sale at Tekeli-li

Dress: Mesh Dress Halted in Green by Gor Gurls - Fall Fete 25L


Skin: Demon by Distroted Dreams/[Eat Paste] - Horror Haute
Necklace: Rhachis Necklace by .:CoLL:. - Horror Haute
Eyes: Bane by Repulse - Horror Haute
Corset: Spineshank in Noir by :{MV}: - Horror Haute

Collar: Webcollar by ...::: Scrub :::... - Horror Haute

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Fete Event I

Dress: Then in Red by Gorean Rose [Mesh] - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Anys in Purple by Gorean Rose (Mesh; comes in solid and sheer) - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Sheperds in Purple (partial Mesh includes sheperds backpack)  by Sweet Pea - Fall Fete 25L

Dress: Prissy in Green by Sweet Pea (Mesh) - Group Gift

Outfit: Kari in Purple (mesh harem pants, sweater, shirt and shoes) by Sweet Pea - Fall Fete 25L

Avi Costume: Mesh Ghost by Roawenwood - Fall Fete 25L