Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul from Crushed Violets, part of this month's line up of Horror Haute. The theme for this round is Japanese Horror.

Killer mask.

Beautiful Ghosts

Hair Accessory:  Yuki-Onna Kanzashi - Aftermath Creations (Horror Haute)
Hair: Yuki-Onna - Aftermath Creations (Horror Haute)
Skin and Eyes: Yuki-Onna - Aftermath Creations (Horror Haute)
Kimono: Yuki-Onna - Aftermath Creations (Horror Haute)

Skin: Yurei Skin - [Stargazer Creations] (Horror Haute)
Hair: LEGOLAN - .:EMO-tions..
Accessories: Manna Full Vs. [rare] - Zibska
Kimono and Thorns: The Killer - The Untitled  (Horror Haute)

Skin: Yurei Skin - [Stargazer Creations] (Horror Haute)
Hair: gG 06'12 - ( R E D ) M I N T
Kimono: The Spurned Lovers Geisha - Tasty Pudding (Horror Haute)

Hair: Rokurokubi - ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ (Horror Haute)
Skin: Rokurokubi - ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ (Horror Haute)
Eyes: Rokurokubi - ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ (Horror Haute)
Dress: Rokurokubi - ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ (Horror Haute)
Mesh Head: Rokurokubi - ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ (Horror Haute)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Picture This!

Outfit: Soft Rain - ImmateriA (A Tattered Page) comes with umbrella, boots, jacket, hat and gas mask.

Outfit:  Timekiller - ImmateriA (slGoth Timekiller Event)
Nose Ring: Secret Charm - ImmateriA (The Witching Hour, January)

Outfit:  Bite Me -ImmateriA (The Witching Hour, January) sunglasses, belt, bag, pants, shirt, choker, boots, bracelets all 50L a try.

Outfit:  Enchanted Flurries - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, January) comes with dress, boots, choker, witch hat, snowman 50L a try.

Crown:  Tellus - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour, January)
Camisk: Irina - Tasty Pudding (The Witching Hour, January)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Twas the Night

Circlet:  FAE COMMON ~ Iron ~ Circlet - Sax Shepherd Designs (Former Fantasy Gacha)
Cowl: A Winter's Night Fur Cowl in Brindle - *{Junbug}* (Former Fantasy Gacha)
Tattoo: I Tinted You!! - Pixy Stix (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Skin: LadyDyvine - Essences (Christmas Gift at Mainstore)
Necklace: Gothmas - The Little Bat (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)

Skirt: The Ugly Sweater Skirt (Naughty Deer 2) - Pixy Stix (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)

Sweater: Dead Inside - Tasty Pudding (Horror Haute, December)
Hair: Jasmine - [enVOGUE] (Subscriber Gift)

Skin: Zombie Pop Art - Stargazer Creations Tasty Pudding (Horror Haute, December)
Dress: Latika - Blue Blood (Horror Haute, December)
Hair: Megumi - Alice Project (Advent Calendar Gift)

Dress, Corsage, Sash & Tiara: Prom Queen - Livid (Horror Haute, December)
Skin: Zombie - Belleza (Former Gift)
Hair: Sienna - [LeLutka]  (Group Gift)

Shirt: Zombie Santa - Skindustrial Bodyworks (Horror Haute, December)
Hair:   Santa Baby - *Soonsiki! Santa Baby (Christmas Gift)

 Slippers: Lamb Slippers - {Deviant Designs} (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)

Campset: Survive - la maison des corbeaux (Horror Haute, December)
*campset includes tent, animated sleeping bag and animated campfire*
Snowshoes: Winter Apoc Snowshoes - ImmateriA (Horror Haute, December)

 Zombie Nativity Set - Aftermath Creations (Horror Haute, December)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Crisis

DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair

Dress: Nancy - Spy Girl

Collar & HeadBow: deadmans - [n.i]

Nail Applier: Beige Tree - *Tori-Tastic*Slink & Belleza Applier
Shoes: Chained High Heels - Tasty Pudding 32 Color HUD (New Release)

Headband: Antler Headband - *[Eclat]*
Jumper & Top: LouLou's Vintage Jumper & Reindeer Top - ..::KnocKeRs::..
Plushie: Mrs. Clausy - DRD
Skin: LadyDyvine - Essences (Christmas Gift at Mainstore)

Plushie: Dolphy - DRD

Shoes: Nicki High Heels - Tasty Pudding 32 Color HUD (New Release)
Nails: Snowy Reindeer - Weaponized Sugar

Corset: Dark Princess - bacidalucia
Pants: Carnival Belt Pants - +Redrum+
Jacket: Decay Jacket Madness - bacidalucia
Hat: Vamp Hat - Mias
Doll: Merry Curse-mas Doll - ..::KnocKeRs::..

Bewitching Holidays

Corset: Anastasia Corset - *{Junbug}* (Fifty Linden Friday) Pants: Gypsy Tarot - +Redrum+ (The Witching Hour, December)
Shoes: Vertiga - Tasty Pudding

Hair:  gG 12'14 - ( r e d ) M i n t
Skin: Mae - Belleza (Xmas Gift)
Necklace & Halo: Blessing Necklace Water/Silver & Elemental Halo Water/Silver - [TfAtN]
(The Witching Hour, December)

Headress: Hathor Void Topaz - ImmateriA (The Witching Hour, December)

Shirt: Krampus- +Redrum+ (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Pants: Belt Pants - +Redrum+ (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Shoes: Rayne - Tasty Pudding

Hat: Horned Fargo Hat - ..::KnocKeRs::.. (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Skin: Yasmin - Belleza (Xmas Gift)

Dress: Slip Dresses - **S&C**
Shoes: Bardot - Tasty Pudding
Wreath: Winter Solstice Head Wreath Mistletoe - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, December)
Doll Key: Winter Solstice Doll Key - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, December)

Outfit: Grey View - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Gown: Nevermore - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Outfit: Raith - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Instrument for Fantasy

Outfit: Yuki Onna - ImmateriA (The Instruments, December)
Outfit includes kimono, headdress and geisha make-up.

Outfit: Brunhilda - Tasty Pudding (Fantasy Fair, December)

Outfit includes poncho and skirt in 5 standard sizes with 10 fur and leather styles via HUD plus fur boot, shawl and mittens.

Outfit: Meredith - Tasty Pudding (Fantasy Fair, December)
Outfit includes top and bottom in 5 sizes with 11-texture HUD, cloak with 11-texture HUD and all jewelry shown.