Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Brings...

Dress: Group Gift - Tasty Pudding {September Group Gift}
Staff: Silaca - Brick-a-Brack {The Witching Hour, September}
Neck Corset: Madame de Pompadour - ImmateriA {includes color HUD}
Hair: gG 09'14 - ( r e d ) M i n t {Group Gift, September}

 Choker: Isobel Mystic - ImmateriA {The Witching Hour, September}

Outfit: Don't Go Into the Woods - ImmateriA {A Clockwork Spiral 50% donation}
includes jumpsuit, shirt and goggles.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monster Love

Dress: The Kraken - The Untitled - {Horror Haute, August}
Hair: Found - [elikatira]
Skin : Demon - Tacky Star

Bikini: Frank - Skinudstrial Bodyworks - {Horror Haute, August}
Hair: Rosemary - Alice Project
Skin : Gio Black Swan - Glam Affair

Dress: Monster Love - :: Czarny Kanarek ::  - {Horror Haute, August}
Ears: Neverland Mesh Ear Gauges featuring Monster plugs - Sour Pickles {Horror Haute, August}

Dress: Replicant - DRBC - {Horror Haute, August}

Avatar: It Came from the Deep - Bad Juju - {Horror Haute, August}
Hair: Fuga - Rosymood

Dress: Classic Monster - Tasty Pudding, includes texture HUD - {Horror Haute, August}
Hair: Rosemary - Alice Project
Skin : Wrath - red(mint)

Avatar: Wendigo twilight - ImmateriA - {Horror Haute, August}
includes body and face tattoo, mesh horns, mesh fangs and emoter hud, mesh wristbands and rigged meshed claws.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Moon Magic

Dress: Mad Ponies - Blue Blood - {The Witching Hour, August}
Jewelry: Maiden - Brick-N-Brack - {The Witching Hour, August}
Hair: National Anthem II - Alice Project
Skin : Kallisto - Glam Affair {Fifty Linden Friday}

Top & Belt: Perspicacia - [TfAtN] - {The Witching Hour, August}
Jewelry: Perspicacia - [TfAtN] - {The Witching Hour, August}
               includes headpiece and necklace
Horns: Bamophet - Goth1c0 - {The Witching Hour, August}
Hair: Alice - Olive {Fifty Linden Friday}
Skin : Oakley - Glam Affair {Fifty Linden Friday}
Tattoo: ChaosStar - Tasty Pudding {The Witching Hour, August}
Armwarmers: Buckled Fate - VenomousRageDesigns {The Witching Hour, August}

Outfit: Uschi - Tasty Pudding - {New Release}
Horns: Jeweled - Bad Juju - {The Witching Hour, August}
Hair: Giselle- Wasabi Pills
Skin : Kallisto - Glam Affair {Fifty Linden Friday}

Dress: Vampiresa - Blue Blood - {Lucky Chair Gift}
Hair: Giselle- Wasabi Pills
Skin : Kallisto - Glam Affair {Fifty Linden Friday}

Dress: Ophelia [Floral] - *{Junbug}*{Fifty Linden Friday}
Hair: Electricity - Magika
Tiara: Wire Tiara - Slink {Hair Fair Gift}
Skin : Kallisto - Glam Affair {Fifty Linden Friday}

Saturday, August 2, 2014

That's a Tasty Pudding

Top & Shorts: Tasty Treat - Tasty Pudding - {WowMeh Weekend Gift}NEW
Hair: Andarial - Magika {35L Retirement Sale}
Skin : Suzanne -MOJO {Group Gift}

Dress: Bebe - Tasty Pudding - {Six Pattern Color HUD} NEW
Hair: Darla - Magika {35L Retirement Sale}
Skin : Suzanne -MOJO {Group Gift}

Top & Pants: Henrietta - Tasty Pudding - {Four color HUD} NEW
Hair: Tallulah - [e] elikatira {99L Rez Day Sale}
Skin: Chloe - Belleza {Group Gift}

Camisk & Panty: Tatters - Tasty Pudding - {WowMeh Weekend} NEW
Hair: Sandara - Magika {35L Retirement Sale}
Skin: Chloe - Belleza {Group Gift}

Monday, July 28, 2014

Into the Woods

 Dress: Into the Woods - The Little Bat {Horror Haute, July}
            Includes corset, skirt, apple necklace and armbands

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Once Upon a Fairytale

Top: Azbi Tops - [TfAtN] - {New Release}
Jewelry: The Dark Fae - .:CoLLisions:. - {Horror Haute, July}
Wings: Decay Fae - ~*Souzou Eien*~
Hair: Chatterbox - *Milk*
Skin : Sheena - [Mystic Canvas]

Gown: Queen Bee - PunkD {Horror Haute, July}
Skin:  Julia, dating on the dark - [ Al Vulo! ]
Hair: Lumen - [LeLutka] - {Group Gift}
Eyelashes: Pointed lashes - .::Mother Goose's::.

 Dress: Lily Feasts On Lions - ImmateriA {Horror Haute, July}
Corset: Blood Countess - DGD {Horror Haute, July}
Top: Tasta - !IMP!
Hair: Giselle Mesh Hair - /Wasabi Pills/
Legs, Ears, Horns:  Pannie Faun - !IMP!

Dress: Sleeping Death - Skindustrial Bodyworks {Horror Haute, July}
Hair: Morea - Vanity Hair

Dress: Poison Apple - Skindustrial Bodyworks {Horror Haute, July}
Hair: Nan Deux - Zibska {Hair Fair Gift 2014}

Shirt: Grimm - Tasty Pudding {Horror Haute, July}
           HUD control with four patterns
Pants: Shiny Pants - ~Tableau Vivant~
Hair: Forget - Magika
Skin: Brandi/America/Drama Queen - Glam Affair

Horror Haute Event

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's A Wow Weekend

WowMeh Weekends occurs weekly – that’s right, weekly! The event now runs every single weekend of the month. The sale runs from Fridays 5am SLT to Monday, 5am SLT.  That’s 72 hours of savings! Each participating store will have one or more items under 100L. All items will be clothing, skins, or accessories for the WowMeh mesh avatar.

For additional information:

Stargazer Creations - Spotlight Sponsor

Curvylicious - Spotlight Sponsor
Graffitiwear - Spotlight Sponsor

Tasty Pudding

 Muse Skin

Moda mia
 The Creatures

 Fashion Licious

 Hello My Deer


 High Rize Clothing

 Faded Threads

 Tam Trousseau's Designs

 Kiliki Bikini


Slutwear by Lexi
Divine Diamonds