Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Crown & Necklaces: Hekate Set - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour October Round)
Bracers:  Gaia - .aisling.
Hooded Bodysuit and top: Hooded Bodysuit - !APHORISM!
Wings & Talons: Harpyia - !dM deviousMind
Skin: Kallisto Cocktail Girl - Glam Affair

Sorceress, meet Witch

 Gown, Circlet & Staff: Tears of a Sorceress - Stargazer Creations (The Witching Hour, October)

Cauldron: Frozen - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, October)
Dress: Natalya - Tasty Pudding (The Fantasy Room, October)
Witch Hat: Punkin Princess - NOCTURNE

Monday, October 13, 2014

In the Spiderweb

 Dress: Web Boudoir - Strumpettes (The Witching Hour, October)

 Boots: Spider Witch Web - ImmateriA (The Witching Hour, October)

Outfit: Olivia - Tasty Pudding includes jacket, top, pants, mesh boots, mesh bracelets and collar (The Fantasy Room, October)
Lantern: Llewellyn - la maison des corbeaux (The Witching Hour, October)

Camisk and Jewelry: Farrah - Tasty Pudding (The Fantasy Room, October)
Crystal Ball: Witches Crystal Ball - Howling Asylum (The Witching Hour, October)

Outfit, Jewelry & Shoes: Muerta - Tasty Pudding (The Witching Hour, October)

Dress: Natylia - Tasty Pudding (The Fantasy Room, October)
Jewelry Set: Magick - Cyrious (The Witching Hour, October)
Horns: Possessed Horns - The Stringer Mausoleum (The Witching Hour, October)

Mouthie: Creepy Cream Noms - Brigi's Panda Paws (The Witching Hour, October)  The Witching Hour Event Box

Monday, October 6, 2014

Haunting in the Moonlight

Dress: Lady in White - ImmateriA {The Instruments, October}
includes gown, sleeves, cape, swirling sheets of music (not shown) and a death cameo
Skin: GiO skin Black Snow - Glam Affair
Hair: Lilia -  TRUTH

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creep Speak

Dress: Marisol - Lolapop. Dress comes with HUD to change textures {Horror Haute, October special event}
Mask & Prop: Death in Decay & Iconic {Horror Haute, October special event}

Dress: Marisol - Lolapop {Horror Haute, October special event}

Costume & Boots: Ghostly - Aftershok {Horror Haute, October special event}

 Dress: Death Becomes  - The Unititled {Horror Haute, October special event}

 Dress: Pumpkin Swirls - The Untitled {Horror Haute, October special event}

Corset: Already Dead - [abrasive] {Horror Haute, October special event}

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Death Becomes Her

 Outfit: Death Doll - Stargazers Creations {Horror Haute, October special event}
Dress and heels for slink 100L; redeem token for skin, eyes, mesh holdable head, collar and hair

Mask: Mask of Death - Songbird {Horror Haute, October special event}
Token Prize

Sneakers: Black Cat - {VRD} - {Horror Haute, October special event}

 Dress: El Diablo Afuera - Lolapop {Horror Haute, October special event}
Token gift.

 Dress & Shrug: Livide - ImmateriA {Horror Haute, October special event}
Token Prize

Ballet Shoes: Livide - ImmateriA {Horror Haute, October special event}
Shoes available 100L to redeem for token prize.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Space Horror

Outfit: Dead Space - Skindustrial Bodyworks {Horror Haute, September 2014}
Includes mesh corset, pants, boots, visor, earrings and gun.

Outfit: Dead Space - ImmateriA {Horror Haute, September 2014}
Includes mesh dress, cyborg leg, eyes and black ooze tattoo layer.

Head Attachment: Mind Hack - Bad Juju {Horror Haute, September 2014}

Dress: Killer Space Clown - Seddy's Creation {Horror Haute, September 2014}

Animated Bounce Ball: Too Close Encounters - ::la maison des corbeaux {Horror Haute, September 2014}