Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Crisis

DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair

Dress: Nancy - Spy Girl

Collar & HeadBow: deadmans - [n.i]

Nail Applier: Beige Tree - *Tori-Tastic*Slink & Belleza Applier
Shoes: Chained High Heels - Tasty Pudding 32 Color HUD (New Release)

Headband: Antler Headband - *[Eclat]*
Jumper & Top: LouLou's Vintage Jumper & Reindeer Top - ..::KnocKeRs::..
Plushie: Mrs. Clausy - DRD
Skin: LadyDyvine - Essences (Christmas Gift at Mainstore)

Plushie: Dolphy - DRD

Shoes: Nicki High Heels - Tasty Pudding 32 Color HUD (New Release)
Nails: Snowy Reindeer - Weaponized Sugar

Corset: Dark Princess - bacidalucia
Pants: Carnival Belt Pants - +Redrum+
Jacket: Decay Jacket Madness - bacidalucia
Hat: Vamp Hat - Mias
Doll: Merry Curse-mas Doll - ..::KnocKeRs::..

Bewitching Holidays

Corset: Anastasia Corset - *{Junbug}* (Fifty Linden Friday) Pants: Gypsy Tarot - +Redrum+ (The Witching Hour, December)
Shoes: Vertiga - Tasty Pudding

Hair:  gG 12'14 - ( r e d ) M i n t
Skin: Mae - Belleza (Xmas Gift)
Necklace & Halo: Blessing Necklace Water/Silver & Elemental Halo Water/Silver - [TfAtN]
(The Witching Hour, December)

Headress: Hathor Void Topaz - ImmateriA (The Witching Hour, December)

Shirt: Krampus- +Redrum+ (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Pants: Belt Pants - +Redrum+ (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Shoes: Rayne - Tasty Pudding

Hat: Horned Fargo Hat - ..::KnocKeRs::.. (DRI Merry Crisis Gacha Fair)
Skin: Yasmin - Belleza (Xmas Gift)

Dress: Slip Dresses - **S&C**
Shoes: Bardot - Tasty Pudding
Wreath: Winter Solstice Head Wreath Mistletoe - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, December)
Doll Key: Winter Solstice Doll Key - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour, December)

Outfit: Grey View - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Gown: Nevermore - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Outfit: Raith - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Gaslight)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Instrument for Fantasy

Outfit: Yuki Onna - ImmateriA (The Instruments, December)
Outfit includes kimono, headdress and geisha make-up.

Outfit: Brunhilda - Tasty Pudding (Fantasy Fair, December)

Outfit includes poncho and skirt in 5 standard sizes with 10 fur and leather styles via HUD plus fur boot, shawl and mittens.

Outfit: Meredith - Tasty Pudding (Fantasy Fair, December)
Outfit includes top and bottom in 5 sizes with 11-texture HUD, cloak with 11-texture HUD and all jewelry shown.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sugar Skull

Skin: Dias Muertos - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute November) &
Lady Death - Livid (overlay; both worn)
Gown: Dia de los Muertos - Tasty Pudding (Horror Haute November)
Hair: Kasia - >TRUTH<

Jewelry: Vanitas - Livid

Ottoman: My Sugar Skull - ::LMdC::

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ladies of Death

Outfit: Lady Death - Livid (Horror Haute November)
Includes gown, hat, skin tattoo and chrysanthemums.

Skin: Dias Muertos - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute November)
Stockings: Dia De Los Muertos - Seddy's Creations (Horror Haute November)
Bows: Muerto Bows (hair and bowtie) - Laudanum Lollipops (Horror Haute November)
Hair: Jemima - >TRUTH<

Dress & Headdress: Dia de los Muertos Tango - ImmateriA (Horror Haute November)
Skin: Dias Muertos - Stargazer Creations (Horror Haute November)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dark Places

Blouse: Miss Cordelia - SMOTD (The Witching Hour November)
Bee Glasses - Wood Bee - Redrum
Skin: Vampires - Stargazer Creations
Hair: Mystic - Ploom

Dress: Elizabeth - ImmateriA (A Tattered Page)
Skin - Elizabeth - Stargazer Creations (A Tattered Page)
Necklace: Mystic - ImmateriA (The Witching Hour November)
Eyes: Elizabeth - ImmateriA (A Tattered Page)

Shirt: Ouija - Redrum
Scarf: Pentagram - Brigi Panda Paw  (The Witching Hour November)
Skin: Selene - Mojo

Broom: Broom and AO - Brick-a-Brack (The Witching Hour November)

 Bracers: Martyred Saint  - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour November)
Necklace: Martyred Saint - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour November)
Choker: Doomed Queen - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour November)
Pearls: Doomed Queen - [TfAtN] (The Witching Hour November)
Dress: Clarice - Tasty Pudding

Ring: Endora Ring - +Cyrious+ (The Witching Hour November)

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hooded Gown with Collar and fishnet top: La Reinade Los Vampiros - Lolapop! (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Makeup & Eyes - Vampire Makeup Kit - Skindustrial Bodyworks (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Skin: Baelle - RielNighshade (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Bindhi & Forehead Tattoo: {DATUM}
Rigged Mesh Claws & Bracelet: Wendigo - ImmateriA

Top, Gloves & Skirt: Sanguisuga - ImmateriA (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Skin: Baelle - RielNightshade  (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Bloody Mouth: Messy Eater - Songbird  (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Hair: Caprice - Stargazer Creations (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Eyes: Grey - Insufferable Dastard

Dress: Ruffle Dress with blood - [BLARABY] (Halloween Gift on Marketplace)
Hair: Kendall - [elikatira]
Stockings: Vamp Cobweb Stockings w/ color HUD - Tasty Pudding (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Bloody Mouth: Vampire Lips - :: Czarny Kanarek :: (October Horror Haute, Vampires)

Gown: Dark Duet - Insanity Inc. (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Skin & Hair: Vampire - Stargazer Creations (October Horror Haute, Vampires)
Mesh Vampire Teeth: Vampire - Stringer Mausoleum (::free gift:: October Horror Haute, Vampires)