Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In the Jungle

Gas Mask: Leopard - REDRUM
Pants: Psychobilly Leapord drop crotch - REDRUM
Hair: Lislie - Ploom

Boots: Leopard Warmer Boots - REDRUM
Outfit: Buckle Up - Violent Seduction

Pretty Things

Corset: My Love, Melt - ImmateriA
Hair: Giselle - Wasabi Pills
Skin: Nikita - EiDOLAN

Skirt: Minnie - PunkD
Corset: Buckle Up - Violent Seduction {Older Group Gift}

Outfit: Tarna - Luas (25 Linden Tuesday, includes mesh dress, appliers,
necklace, arm bands, mask, and belt)
Hair: Jemima - Truth

Half Dress & Necklace: Flyrt - Sweet Poison (25 Linden Tuesday)
Hair: Bella - Truth

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Dress: Yuna - Tasty Pudding (includes color HUD with 32 colors)
Tattoo: Koi - erratic
Hair: Jamie - Wasabi Pills

Silent Reflection

Gown: Stregoni in Azure - ImmateriA (includes gloves and animated cigarette)
Necklace: Black Storm - Chop Zuey (December Gift)

Dress: Moroi in Blood - ImmateriA (includes corset and handmuff not shown)